Vehicle Bluetooth to FM Transmitter

$24.99 with free shipping in the USA.

This bluetooth to FM radio transmitter will allow you to play music from your smart phone wirelessly to this unit which will then transmit it to an FM frequency of your choice to pick up on your FM car radio.


-This unit has noise cancellation technology for crystal clear listening.

-Built in microphone supports hands free talking.

-Easy pairing using bluetooth will connect every time after the initial connection.

-Plugs into your auxiliary power outlet in the vehicle.

-This transmitter works with all bluetooth devices including smart phones (iPhones, Android), tablets, laptops, iPod, iPad, mp3 players.

-Transmitter has a headphone jack input so you can use it with non-bluetooth devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack output.

Item ships within 1 business day of order.